Leave our fountain alone.

As l had assumed, the fountain in Laura Place has been turned off while engineers try to deal with the … More

What’s that in your window?

This year’s Bath Festival – a celebration of music and literature featuring more than 120 events over ten days – … More

Blooming shame

I know it’s another lovely day – weather-wise – but l am a bit angry this morning. The sound of … More

Bath’s ‘display’ freebie.

Been out and about in this glorious autumnal sunshine today – Friday, October 19th – and have to say our … More

In Bath, we rust.

There’s a good chance those rust-covered and expensive planters may stay on the London Road after all – though maybe … More

New pump for Laura Place​ fountain​

It’s official. The reason why the fountain in Laura Place is not operating. It needs a new pump. I bumped … More

Tell Laura we love her!

Came across the men B&NES had tasked with commissioning the Laura Place fountain in time for the Easter weekend and … More

Be gone!

Two things in Bath l am hoping to see the back of very soon as we march into 2018. One … More

Go with the flow for Bath’s future.

It’s amazing to think that six thousand Bathonians turned out to watch when the original fountain in Laura Place was … More

Autumn turn off.

When do you know that summer is officially over. Forget the Autumn Equinox and just look out for those very … More

Could this help reduce the A boards?

While B&NES and BID are searching around for an A-board compromise – can l suggest tat this advertising board – spotted … More

Hit and runner damages Laura Place Fountain.

Oh dear! Got an idea that someone or something has collided with an edge of the Laura Place Fountain. The … More

Fountain Mania

Elsewhere within the Virtual Museum –  http://virtualmuseumofbath.com/2015/10/09/wake-up-to-water/ –  is an interview with a local architect called Robert Delius who – … More

Towpath and trees.

Out in Bath this Wednesday (August 12th) and found a B&NES sponsored survey starting on the path up to the … More

Putting the aqua back into Bath.

Regular visitors to the Virtual Museum of Bath will know my views on Bath and water. For a city which … More

Laura Place fountain to flow again soon!

Looks like the derelict fountain in Laura Place could be filled with water and working again by the end of … More

Derelict fountain takes a further knock

Sad to see the fountain in Laura Place has been damaged with stonework on the basin broken away. Was it … More

Weir! Where?

Christmas Eve brought blue skies and calmer and colder weather after the deluge of the previous storm-filled day. It also … More