Leave our fountain alone.

As l had assumed, the fountain in Laura Place has been turned off while engineers try to deal with the latest foam attack on this – the only real celebration of Bath’s waters in this World Heritage city.

It won’t be back in action until Thursday.

Malcolm Sommerville – who is Senior Building Officer in the Property Services Department of B&NES – told Bath Newseum.

“The fountain was isolated late last week as a result of the foaming issues we experienced earlier on in the week. Our water management contractor attended site 3 times during the week in an effort to quell the foam with an anti-foam solution we hold for this purpose.

Last week’s foam attack.

This however didn’t work, probably due to the amount of washing up liquid dropped into the fountain, hence the isolation.

The only way forward now is to drop all the water, gently clean the fountain’s main bowl and smaller centre piece, refill with clean water, carry out tests to make sure the water is safe and then hope we don’t get attacked again.

Laura Place Fountain
Would CCTV deter attacks?

Our contractor will be on site on this Thursday with the fountain ‘up and running’ by the end of the day.

It’s important to note that if we are ‘foamed again’ then it’s highly likely that we will have to carry out the above process, something we had to do 3 times last year.”

I am hoping others may join in asking the Council if CCTV could be installed somewhere in this area.


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