Bath’s ‘display’ freebie.

Been out and about in this glorious autumnal sunshine today – Friday, October 19th – and have to say our riverside foliage looks a treat.

What a display!

Unlike our pending Christmas lights switch on – Nature provides a display for free.

More fine autumnal colour.

I notice – in Parade Gardens – they are digging out the ‘book’ framework that was so effective a base for this year’s summer main floral display

The book frame is being removed.

In its place – commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 and the annual Poppy Day Appeal – a couple of ‘Silent Silhouettes’ will mark the century since the Armistice was signed. It’s part of a Royal British Legion national project to remind us all to remember the continual sacrifice made by so many.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.19.45
Not sure which ‘Silent Silhouettes’ will be going in Parade Gardens.

The much-worn and dilapidated fountain in Laura Place seems to have closed down at the end of the season.

Welcome to the Emerald City.

It’s water basin busy creating life – judging by the amount of algae in it. Plus of course the obligatory floating plastic.

Bath’s new public sculpture is almost assembled.

Finally – very pleased to see Bath’s newest public sculpture – the Maid of the Bridge – is on her way to completion in the workshops of Ironart of Bath – that’s in Larkhall.

Just waiting now for Crest to announce when she will be installed down at Riverside – just above the new park being created between the two high-rise blocks and close to the Victoria Bridge – from whose recycled metal she is made!