Be gone!

Two things in Bath l am hoping to see the back of very soon as we march into 2018.

One of them is the skip that has been parked on the Laura Place approach to Pulteney Bridge for it must be a year!

The skip that has taken root on the approach to Pulteney Bridge.

It’s a real traffic hazard.

Talking of obstructions. How soon before work begins on repairs to the damaged tollhouse on Cleveland Bridge.

The damaged tollhouse on Cleveland Bridge.

It was involved ina hit and run in August last year and still no sign of action is starting repairs. The scaffolding and protective wrap around it makes it very difficult for pedestrians – especialy mums with push chairs – to either get around it or try and cross the road.

Can’t the local authority help push things along?

Cllr Richard Samuel, Lib- Dem, Walcot.

I think local councillor Richard Samuel wants that too. He texted the following message via Twitter.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 08.48.37


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  1. The skip has been there for at least two years, other than during the Bath Half. Interestingly the B&NES skip licence is frequently out of date i.e. not renewed. Whatever is happening behind the facade of the shop being renovated must surely be coming to an end… the subject of a sneak video preview perhaps? It’ll be nice to see the permanent removal of the skip when it comes.

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