Go with the flow for Bath’s future.

It’s amazing to think that six thousand Bathonians turned out to watch when the original fountain in Laura Place was switched on in the late 19th century.


In a city famous for its waters – both hot and cold – the intention then was to have fountains dotted throughout the city – including two either side of the Royal Crescent.

The report produced by Robert Delius.

Money and engineering problems nipped that idea in the watery bud but one local architect thinks it’s time the city considered reviving the idea and offering both residents and visitors a new and exciting visual way of celebrating the area’s unique gift of both hot and cold springs.

Robert Delius is the author of ‘The Waters of Bath’ and an architect working for Stride Treglown.

Robert Delius – who works for Stride Treglown – has put together a 42 page report which he is circulating amongst interested parties and is letting Bath Newseum followers hear more about his proposal.


Couldn’t resist re-showing a fountain snippet from HTV’s architectural series on Bath – Set in Stone  – which l had the pleasure of presenting in the 1990’s – never realising l would end up living in this city. Five years come February 2017!


Those contact details again. To find out more about this proposal and add your comments. www.watersofbath.org and @watersofbath