Tell Laura we love her!

Came across the men B&NES had tasked with commissioning the Laura Place fountain in time for the Easter weekend and the start of the new season.

Was a bit of a slow fill – with what looked like a low water pressure – but things were helped no doubt by all yesterday’s rain.

A slow fill in progress. Notice how chipped the surrounding edge of the basin is.

Shame to see today – March 29th – that although the basin is full of water the fountain has not been switched on. Is it the pump l wonder?

The basin dates from 1877 with a new top put on in 1977. Locals call it ‘the ashtray’  because it looks a bit like one. The masonry is again broken and chipped and the whole sad structure is in need of restoration.

Looks like it’s been bashed with something​.

Maybe it’s time to do away with it altogether? Or fill in the basin and fill with bedding plants.

It is a shame that a city so full of natural springs – hot and cold – AND a majestic river – should not be celebrating its waters.

Can’t we have a marathon to raise funds for that? What about a Bath lottery?

It’s full but​ not yet working.

And please. Those who delight in adding liquid soap to the ‘old girl’ and laughing at the foam produced. A. It’s boring and has been done many times before and B. it destroys the pump and it’s the city’s ratepayers who foot the bill.