Could this help reduce the A boards?

While B&NES and BID are searching around for an A-board compromise – can l suggest tat this advertising board – spotted in Walcot Street – may point the way to a better arrangement.

What you call a ‘collective’ A board in Walcot Street.

The A board bears the names of several businesses and indicates the direction in which you will find them.

Surely this is better than a line of individual obstacle – spreading across the pavement?

PS Very pleased to see a replacement sapling doing very well – thank you – in Laura Place. The original tree was diseased and had to be felled. The first replacement suffered wind damage and died.

Second attempt at replacing the tree felled in Laura PLace.

Let’s hope this one has a chance to grow. I still think Great Pulteney Street should be tree planted again. It can be a big empty space at times!

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