Biography in Cloth

Biography in Cloth

In Milsom Place this morning for breakfast at Cote Brasserie and noticed banner flags fluttering outside an empty shop unit.

Turns out l have stumbled upon one of the locations featuring exhibitions as part of this year’s Fringe Arts Bath festival which has just launched.


As we walked in to ‘Biography in Cloth’ which features work by Carole Waller and Joanna Wright l was told we were officially the first visitors.


If you are passing that way do go and have a look. The space may or may not have been some form of ballroom attached to one side of the old Octagon Chapel.

One of the most fashionable and elegant of Bath’s private religious spaces it was built with funds raised by subscription and opened in 1767.


Former exhibition inside the Octagon – before it became a restaurant.

It even had central heating of a sort with two fireplaces to warm those filling its gallery and ground floor seats.

But back to the adjoining room which now makes an incredible setting for this thought-provoking exhibition.


The artists are asking whether cloth retains the resonance of a person when not being worn.


“Can we connect to people and locations through cloth? How does cloth interact with our presence or absence? Is it our second skin?”


Something for you to mull over when you are walking around the room.


FAB venues are open from 10 am to 6pm from May 26th through to June 10th.

Check out the website on


Bridge lodges still at risk says councillor.

Bridge lodges still at risk says councillor.

Following expensive repairs to one of the Cleveland Bridge lodges – and much traffic disruption while restoration work was carried out – local councillor Richard Samuel is asking for some extra protection for the historic structures which – he says – remain at high risk.


Cllr Samuel – who represents Walcot ward – said the initial damage was caused by the impact of a vehicle and thinks there is nothing in place to stop it happening again.


The columns are still unprotected says Cllr Samuel.

Before his views on that subject – l asked him for his reaction to reports that all but one of those expensive planters at the top end of the London Road are now likely to stay.

IMG_8251 2

The planters nearest the Snow Hill turning is likely to go.

The one going will probably be the one at the Snow Hill junction.  The others will be moved slightly so there is no obstruction of a sight line for motorists joining the London Road from a side street.

Here’s the interview – starting with his reaction to the planters probably staying.

I have asked B&NES if they would care to comment on Cllr Samuel’s concerns.

IMG_8252 2

However this road is eventually divided up – between those using it – you have to agree trees make a big difference to how it looks.


Later Cllr Samuel tweeted the following on Twitter!

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 05.22.14

Bath MP wants more radical solution to transport and pollution woes.

Bath MP wants more radical solution to transport and pollution woes.

Bath MP Wera Hobhouse took her ‘surgery session’ out on the streets of the city today in an effort to drum up public support for a conference she is organising about Bath’s transport and pollution problems.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 16.48.26


It’s being held at the Komedia in West Gate Street on Saturday, June 9th – is free to enter – and she hopes will be well supported.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 15.58.20

Wera, who is about to celebrate her first year as Member of Parliament for Bath, wants to make her mark by helping to find a way of cutting the city’s dreadful Nitrogen Dioxide levels.

You can discover more about the B&NES proposals for improving the city centre air by following this link:

London Road latest.

London Road latest.

The very latest on those expensive ‘designed-to-rust’ planters on the London Road.


Will the planters now be allowed to stay?

After all the fuss about a three-year-old audit – warning of sight issues for people coming out of side roads –  it seems another inspection confirms that all but one of the artist- embellished containers will have to move slightly.


Seems they are an obstruction in their present positions.

The ‘one’ singled out will have to go completely and could end up in a local park.

B &NES has to talk to adjacent traders  – and the utilities about underground access – before confirming the adjustment but – if all goes to plan – the containers could be ‘handed over’ to the care of the local community very soon

They are an important addition to that stretch of the London Road – which already looks much better for the central reservation trees.


Blooming lovely – but no bridge?

Blooming lovely – but no bridge?

Good to see a mass of bright red poppies and blue cornflowers blooming on part of the reshaped riverbank opposite the old converted warehouses lining this part of the Avon.


These newly created walkways are a bonus part of a flood prevention scheme to increase the river’s capacity and prevent flooding of nearby properties.


It’s tied in with a newly built flood prevention wall on the other side.


It’s a shame the wildflowers don’t bloom all the way up to the Churchill Bridge end. It’s more a case of nettles here but l do have to say the newly planted trees are already looking fantastic.IMG_8210

While we’re down at Broad Quay – destined for office and residential development – can’t help wondering what has happened to the new pedestrian bridge promised for this area.


Work was due to start in January but no sign of any activity yet.

Since this story was published, l have noted the following remark on Twitter!

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 13.55.17

That’s much better!

That’s much better!

It’s good to report the telephone box at the bottom of Gravel Walk has been put back together again. I presume by BT?

IMG_8197 2

All the missing glass panels have been restored.

My thanks to Bary Gilbertson – the Chairman of the Circus Area Residents Association – for getting this noticed by the right people.


It really was a sorry sight to see. How proud we were of our red telephone boxes at one time.

Bath Newseum had reported on its poor and vandalised condition.


While we are in that area – still waiting for someone to clean the tree sap and dust off the information board just inside the ‘free to enter’ Georgian Garden at Number 4 The Circus. Accessed off the Gravel Walk!

Haircut 200

Haircut 200

My thanks to Jenny Noad for these pictures – taken in The Circus yesterday.


Photo. Jenny Noad.

Jenny writes: “Interesting to see that beautiful, infamous Plane trees in the Circus are having their health check-up. Thankfully, they are thriving and well! 


Photo: Jenny Noad.

They are the biggest trees in Bath, are great for absorbing pollution from the City.  The tree surgeon told me he thinks they are about 200 years old!”