Bath presence on the Thames.

Cranes made by Stothert and Pitt of Bath turn up in places all around the globe.

Bath Newseum follower, Neil Garrett chanced upon a pair in London a few years ago.

“I now live in Pimlico and my home overlooks the iconic Battersea Power Station.  In 2014 I took the picture of the cranes which were later demolished when the redevelopment started. 
They were of particular interest to me as my Grandfather, Jack Garrett, worked at Stothert & Pitt as an Iron-Founder and he used to tell me how he used to make the “slewing rings”, the big cog wheels which allowed the crane to swing around.
  I feared they had gone forever to the scrapyard, but last week whilst taking a walk South of the River Thames at Nine Elms I found this picture on the hoarding around the Power Station site. 
P1160430 (2)
I was delighted that the cranes were coming back, a fine example of the cranes built in Bath which were installed in dockyards throughout the world.”