Those were the days!

Just occasionally l will pop outside the Bath boundary to mention something of interest which l think readers may be … More

Step in the right direction

Well, the good news coming out of the newly-restyled Saw Close is that those new and ‘dangerous’ steps now bear … More

That’s the way to do it! The re-birth of Weston-super-Mare’s Town Museum.

More than two and a half thousand people turned up last Saturday ( August 26th) to look around the newly-reopened … More

Making Walcot special.

The problem with Bath is it doesn’t do enough to ‘zone’ its commercial shopping areas and – basically – make … More

Did you bathe with a friend?

Just received Wessex Water’s autumn/winter magazine through the door. There’s an article reminding people that it’s forty years since the … More

Storm damage to Weston’s Old Pier.

So very sad to hear that the north jetty on the Old Pier at Weston – super – Mare has … More

Save Me!

A lot of people in my old home town of Weston-super-Mare are doing their bit to highlight the plight of … More

Raise a roar for Birnbeck!

The Victorian Society has just published a list of the top ten Victorian and Edwardian buildings ‘At Risk’  in this … More

‘Reporter hit by low flying aircraft.’

What a fine summer we have generally been enjoying. Reminds me of another – even drier period back in 1976 … More

Wasn’t it grand!

Who amongst our Bath and district readers remembers the department store called Colmer’s which graced Union Street for over a … More