London Road latest.

The irony of moving the container when it clearly bears a message referring to the London Road - supreme gateway to Bath - is not lost on me.

The very latest on those expensive ‘designed-to-rust’ planters on the London Road.

Will the planters now be allowed to stay?

After all the fuss about a three-year-old audit – warning of sight issues for people coming out of side roads –  it seems another inspection confirms that all but one of the artist- embellished containers will have to move slightly.

Seems they are an obstruction in their present positions.

The ‘one’ singled out will have to go completely and could end up in a local park.

B &NES has to talk to adjacent traders  – and the utilities about underground access – before confirming the adjustment but – if all goes to plan – the containers could be ‘handed over’ to the care of the local community very soon

They are an important addition to that stretch of the London Road – which already looks much better for the central reservation trees.