Blooming lovely – but no bridge?

Good to see a mass of bright red poppies and blue cornflowers blooming on part of the reshaped riverbank opposite the old converted warehouses lining this part of the Avon.


These newly created walkways are a bonus part of a flood prevention scheme to increase the river’s capacity and prevent flooding of nearby properties.


It’s tied in with a newly built flood prevention wall on the other side.


It’s a shame the wildflowers don’t bloom all the way up to the Churchill Bridge end. It’s more a case of nettles here but l do have to say the newly planted trees are already looking fantastic.IMG_8210

While we’re down at Broad Quay – destined for office and residential development – can’t help wondering what has happened to the new pedestrian bridge promised for this area.


Work was due to start in January but no sign of any activity yet.

Since this story was published, l have noted the following remark on Twitter!

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