Biography in Cloth

In Milsom Place this morning for breakfast at Cote Brasserie and noticed banner flags fluttering outside an empty shop unit.

Turns out l have stumbled upon one of the locations featuring exhibitions as part of this year’s Fringe Arts Bath festival which has just launched.


As we walked in to ‘Biography in Cloth’ which features work by Carole Waller and Joanna Wright l was told we were officially the first visitors.


If you are passing that way do go and have a look. The space may or may not have been some form of ballroom attached to one side of the old Octagon Chapel.

One of the most fashionable and elegant of Bath’s private religious spaces it was built with funds raised by subscription and opened in 1767.

Former exhibition inside the Octagon – before it became a restaurant.

It even had central heating of a sort with two fireplaces to warm those filling its gallery and ground floor seats.

But back to the adjoining room which now makes an incredible setting for this thought-provoking exhibition.


The artists are asking whether cloth retains the resonance of a person when not being worn.


“Can we connect to people and locations through cloth? How does cloth interact with our presence or absence? Is it our second skin?”


Something for you to mull over when you are walking around the room.


FAB venues are open from 10 am to 6pm from May 26th through to June 10th.

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