Step in the right direction

Well, the good news coming out of the newly-restyled Saw Close is that those new and ‘dangerous’ steps now bear a white strip on the edge of each tread and even some railings to mark where they are – and for people to use!

White edges and rails in the background.

I recently sent an email to Mr Alan Hope – who is CEO of the Midas Group – the company responsible for the scheme to build a boutique hotel, casino and restaurant as part of a new look for that historic area.

B&NES also helped with the newly re-surfaced space but told Bath Newseum that they had fenced off the offending steps and informed the developers of the problem.

Bike racks and rows of benches ‘litter’ the open space.

That now does seem to be being addressed but l was also critical of what –  l think – is a wasted opportunity in this part of Bath.

As l have not heard from Mr Hope – and l sent a reminder – l will publish my email to him in full.

“Dear Mr Hope,

I am a journalist with a daily blog called and have recently had reason to mention the dangerous steps that have been incorporated into Bath’s Saw Close development which – l understand – your group has done.
B&NES tell me they have ‘drawn the developer’s attention’ to the steps – down which several people have told me they have fallen. They are now fenced off.
Some people – including my blog – are critical of the way the new space has been maximised. While there is no criticism of your building work, some feel the space in front of it could have been made more of.
 While bike stands and seats are useful it is a shame the space couldn’t have had a water feature – or at least a tree – instead of rows of benches and parked bikes.
I see you managed to install a lovely water feature behind the Winter Gardens in my hometown of Weston-super-Mare.
I would be grateful for a comment – or even an interview. I shoot video as well.”
I don’t know if followers of this website agree with me or not.


  1. Hi Richard, Can I just ask what has happened to the “policeman’s box” that was next to Blue oat House? Many thanks for all your brilliant and interesting local news items. Kindest regards,

    Davina Ware Nelson Place West Bath BA12TH


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