Now it begins.


Posts are being installed outside the eastern end of Bath Abbey to support hoarding – that could be there for more than two years – as local builders Emery’s ‘officially’ start preparing for the stabilising and reconstruction work they will be carrying out in and around the historic building.

These posts will support the hoarding but still leave a path for those going to services at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Meanwhile, hassocks and seating fabric rolls are being put into storage as work begins to remove pews from the eastern end.

Hassocks and pew seat covers being taken away.

It’s my understanding that the first memorial floor slabs will be lifted at the beginning of July – affecting the eastern end of the interior.

Looks like an altar is taking shape on a temporary podium at the crossing point.

Bath Abbey insists its ‘business as usual’ during the lengthy operation to stabilise the floor and install new central heating.

The whole ‘business end’ of the Abbey will have to be brought forward into the nave so hoarding can go up.

There are also new facilities planned for the choirs and public – including a new Discovery Centre which will tell the Abbey’s story.

Contractors are using a door at the eastern end to take material out.

It’ll also result in the permanent removal of pews in the nave with new look seating making for a more flexible use of space.

This is all part of the £19.3 million pound Footprint Project which has been added by a massive Heritage Lottery grant and private donations.

This is as far as you go now.

Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios – local architects for the Project – also welcomed the official start of work in a tweet on Twitter.

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