Pews and landscape views. Update!

Two different observations being made by regular followers of Bath Newseum concerning two iconic features within our Bath landscape. The … More

Watch this space!

After all the work has been completed, we will have a space we can use to enhance the spiritual and … More

Abbey clearance continues.

The east end of Bath Abbey is now clear of pews as Emery Brothers – the local builders with the … More

Abbey’s hidden floor revealed.

You cannot fail to notice that the east – and most of the north side of Bath Abbey – are … More

All will be revealed.

Prepare for the east end of Bath Abbey to disappear behind hoarding in about six weeks or so as building … More

Abbey’s congregation pews will go.

Bath Abbey has now confirmed that what l discovered on Facebook this morning is correct. Emeritus organist at the Abbey, … More

Battle of the Pews – not over yet.

Seems the battle of the pews in Bath Abbey is not over yet after all. The Victorian Society has applied … More

It’s goodbye to the Bath Abbey pews.

Plans to permanently remove the pews in Bath Abbey have been given the go ahead  following a decision by the … More

Holding court in front of the choir stalls

Who would have thought that l would be sitting in a pew in Bath Abbey watching court proceedings unfold in … More

‘Courtroom’ drama begins at Bath Abbey.

Bath Abbey is going to be the unusual setting today – Wednesday, October 4th – for a ‘courtroom’ drama as … More

Stones recording at Bath Abbey.

Thought that might make you take a look at this story – but this has nothing to do with a … More