Abbey clearance continues.

The east end of Bath Abbey is now clear of pews as Emery Brothers – the local builders with the multi-million-pound task of securing the church floor and building new facilities – get into their stride.

The pews in the east end have now all been removed.

I watched as Fiona started cleaning the surface of the ledger stones that have been uncovered for the first time in one hundred and fifty years.

Fiona at work cleaning newly-exposed ledger stones for official recording next week.

The job of recording them will get underway next week before they are taken up for the contractors to deal with the cavities that have been found under the floor.

The contractor is installing as much protection as possible for the Abbey’s amazing interior walls. Next to the scaffolding is Prior William Birde’s exquisite early 16th-century chapel.

They will gradually work their way around this ancient building over the next two years until the whole interior is stabilised.

Though most of the pews will be returned to the east end, the rest of the building will be left open – as it was when this English gothic perpendicular church was built at the beginning of the 16th century.

The temporary raised altar with the permanent High Altar now covered in the distance below the east window.

While building work continues, the High Altar has been covered and a temporary altar erected on the nave side of the crossing.

It’s on a dais at a spot that may well be used on a regular basis when the Abbey is returned to full use at the end of its Footprint Project.

Looking down towards the west end of the Abbey from the temporary altar.

Emery Brothers are hoping a fan-based ventilating system they are going to install – when the east end is sealed behind a giant dust cover – should obviate the need for wrapping the 1997-installed Klais Organ.

Hopefully, dust can be dealt with in such an effective way as to not need wrapping for the church organ.

I have been trying out a new device called the Osmo Mobile 2 which turns my mobile into a steady cam.


  1. The encounter between Fiona the conservator and Emery’s foreman at the end of your video clip made my day! I think we know they were both thinking…

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