Stones recording at Bath Abbey.

Thought that might make you take a look at this story – but this has nothing to do with a now rather-mature pop group!

Bath Abbey is looking for volunteers – but you have to be able to get down on your knees. Nothing to do with ‘forced’ prayer here, but rather people who can help in a monumental task which involves getting closer to the floor.


It’s the part of this historic church that is due to come up – in sections – as work is done to stabilise it as part of the multi-million pound Abbey Footprint Project.


That will remain removing – and then re-laying – hundreds of ledger stone which record the details of people interred here.


Before that happens, our volunteers will have work to do as Dr Oliver Taylor, Interpretation Officer for Bath Abbey, explains.

Just to repeat those details. That’s or ring Dr Taylor directly on 01225 303322. Find out more about the Footprint Project via