Abbey’s hidden floor revealed.

You cannot fail to notice that the east – and most of the north side of Bath Abbey – are disappearing behind a white wall of hoarding.

Will this be decorated?

It’s the start of a multi-million-pound excavation and construction project to both stabilise the Abbey floor and provide new facilities for the church’s workforce and visiting public.

The great white wall!

The contract has gone to local building firm Emery Brothers Limited who actually carried out a small trial stabilisation a few years ago.

It’s made of some sort of foam plastic trapped​ between boards with shiny and washable surfaces.

The hoarding they have erected is made of plastic and will shortly be covered with specially produced artwork provided by local schoolchildren.

Bath will have plenty of time to get used to it too as it will be there for two and a half years. Even after that length of time, the panels are re-usable and will save on waste.

That’s as far as you can go now inside Bath Abbey. A visitor watches as the pews at the east end are dismantled.

Inside – at the Eastern end – the Corporation pews and choir stalls are being dismantled and will be taken out and stored.

Underneath, memorial stones that have not been seen for at least one hundred and fifty years are being revealed.

This is where the first section of floor will be lifted.

All the detail on them will be recorded because, eventually, the pews will be reinstated.

Memorial stones that have been hidden for 150 years are being revealed.

As work progresses pews in the nave will be removed. These will not be put back when the work has been completed and the memorial stones relaid.

IMG_8601 2
All the stones will be recorded before​ the pews are reinstated above them.

A quick recording of the work in progress this morning – Wednesday, June 6th.