Good news for Larkhall cyclists.

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Rat-run rage.

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Maid in Bath.

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Let’s talk Bath transport!

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Bus stopped!

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Larkhall Playground mystery solved!

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Would a walk to school zone ease the jams?

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A fairer share of Bath buses?

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Good news for rusting Larkhall play area

At last some good news regarding a pile of rusting  childrens’ play equipment in Larkhall that is sadly in need … More

Smoothing the way through Larkhall.

What a difference a new road surface makes! Here’s the main road – St Saviour’s – into the ‘village’ of … More

Use cash from Park and Ride to mend our roads!

Here’s a close-up of the surface of at least part of St Saviours Road running into Larkhall. It’s typical of a … More

New life for Larkhall loo!

A former public convenience in Larkhall has been given a new lease of life thanks to Bath & North East … More

Convenience store

A former public loo in Larkhall is being given a new lease of life thanks to Bath & North East Somerset … More

Larkhall Carnival memories

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Paving the way for Bath’s visitors.

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The Larkhall pub that vanished?

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Square deal

After more than a year of discussion and planning by the Lambridge Independent Councillors Dave Laming and Bryan Chalker work … More

Sign of the times!

Larkhall is one Bath community that can still proudly boast that it has three pubs along its ‘main road’ and … More