Larkhall Playground mystery solved!

I’m about to solve a little mystery that has been puzzling parents in Bath’s Larkhall district.

The little enclosed play area by Spa Lane

People have been wondering why the two swings – in the little enclosed play area at one end of St Saviours Road – have been coiled up and locked over the supporting swing bar.

A quick Bath Newseum call to one of the area’s councillors, Rob Appleyard, and he’s on the case.

IMG_6445 2
The two swings have been coiled and padlocked.

Cllr Appleyard – who is also the city’s Deputy Mayor – asked the Council’s Parks Manager Jane Robson if this was vandalism or some sort of preparation for a planned refurbishment which had been discussed last year.

Ms Robson told him that ‘the new swings were badly chewed just before Christmas by someone training their dog.

We locked them up for a couple of weeks in order that the dog owner would lose interest in this site.   I can get the swings unlocked again this week and we’ll see if they are left alone.’

I can solve another ‘mystery’ while we are at it. That promised refurb £24,000 refurb fell victim to Council cuts. Instead they put down new bark and covered the rust with new paint.