Happy New Year

  Well – let’s start by wishing all my followers the very best for 2020. I was out on the … More

Library bonus

Wishing Helen Stanfield a happy new year – and thanks for the following. “I have been using the Bath Library … More

Rail cut cleared at last!

It’s good to see Network Rail have finally arranged for the  shrub and weed growth on Brunel’s historic railway retaining … More

None yew.

Sorry – l have to say it – l don’t appreciate the felling of the yew trees at the side … More

You’ve got it covered.

A big thank you to residents in Bath and North East Somerset – from the local authority -for their fantastic … More

You’re having a laugh.

Five stand-out stand-up comedians will be on the bill of a fundraiser at Bath’s The Forum on Wednesday 22 January … More

Praying for a home win.

Bath City Football Club will be entering the new year still playing a waiting game. It’s all fingers crossed for … More

What’s your view?

Residents from across Bath and North East Somerset are being asked for their views on the council’s future priorities and … More

Saddle up for a spin.

While l have been out of the country and old favourite has arrived in town. Dave Dixon tells me: ‘Just … More

Shoes shine!

Shoephoria! – The amazing feeling you get when wearing a new pair of fabulous shoes 2020 is the Year of the … More

Another knock!

What is it with Bath at the moment. Seems tis the season for bumping into things! Bath Newseum follower, Amanda … More

What’s this then?

It’s not just historic Sydney Gardens itself that’s going to be ‘revitalised’ in the next couple of years. As part … More

Keeping a watchful eye

Always sad to see yet another tree disappear from the cityscape. Rail-side clearance through Sydney Gardens has included the removal … More

Fast(er) track!

Thanks to Anne Love for pointing this story out! Speeding up rail journeys and more seats?! Bath Spa to London … More

The star that found me.

A short story for the Christmas season from Bath Newseum regular Terry Basson: ‘ Years ago, when I worked in … More