A sunshine tour.

The hottest April day since 1949 and some good news amidst the sunshine.     The fountain in Laura Place … More

The Empire is back!

The scaffolding is finally beginning to come down from the Empire Hotel – a metal embrace – reaching the heights … More

Pitching it differently.

So what’s the gossip – this Friday, September 29th. Well for starters, l am hearing all those Christmas Market regulars … More

Saw Close style.

You can’t see much of Bath’s iconic Empire Hotel (1899-1901 at the moment because the side facing Orange Grove is … More

Empire building

Bath’s continued faith in its tourist industry is born out by plenty of evidence of new hotel building in the … More

Traders say it with flowers.

Seems local traders are providing their own flowers in Kingsmead Square following a pull-out by a cash-strapped B&NES Parks Department. … More

Bath’s fallen arches.

The pub sign is a great clue to how this now rather shabby road got its name. Westgate Street once … More

A plug for Bath’s street traders, a shared city service and a lot more!

A little bit of disruption in Stall Street this week where established street traders have had to move over while … More