Too many ad-bikes?

Too many ad-bikes?

Are our cycle stands in Bath under pressure from advertising? John and Lucy Taylor write:

‘My wife and I cycled into Bath today as usual and wondered if you’d ever run a feature on the problem of businesses which take up limited bike parking with their advertising bikes?

We left our bikes at the bottom of Milsom Street, next to a florist’s advertising bike and a bike with a huge child trailer advertising sash windows.

Great news feed we get via your emails thank you; always interesting.”

advert bikes

Thanks for your comments and kind words about Bath Newseum. I haven’t come across those particular ad-bikes but remember seeing several regulars on other cycle stand pitches.

What do other cyclists feel about this? Nothing illegal – as far as l know – but is it a case of occupying much-needed cycle parking spaces or plenty enough to go around!

Should we let the ‘ad men’ into Bath’s parks?

Should we let the ‘ad men’ into Bath’s parks?

Being driven through Bristol recently l was only able to get a quick snap of a protest sign that has gone up in Haymarket ‘bearpit’ which is trying to gain public support against a proposal to allow advertising in city parks.


Part of the protest board on the Haymarket in Bristol.

Would we entertain a similar scheme in Bath to try and raise much-needed revenue for our cash-strapped local authority? There’s already talk of sponsored litter-bins. I wouldn’t mind that if it means they get emptied on a more regular basis.

sydney gardens

MInerva’s Temple – brought from the Empire Exhibition at the Crystal Palace and re-erected here in 1913-14.


Big posters inside the Sydney Gardens temple might stop endless graffiti appearing on its ‘labouring’ walls. While canal side advertising might attract attention from boat people and walkers and help pay for maintenance work?

canal sydney gardens gate

The Kennet and Avon through Sydney Gardens.

Certainly, the litter bins could be sponsored by pet food manufacturers as dog owners are one of the biggest users of city parks.


A bin outside Hedgemead Park.

I am being deliberately provocative to spark discussion. Over to you!?


Making a stand.

Making a stand.

As a cyclist who sometimes has to look around a bit to find  a vacant stand for my bike – l am not too sure l welcome the outbreak of two-wheeled advertising that is becoming apparent in Bath.


Bike ads?

Seems they are not only promoting local business but making political points.

Clever promotion? Or a damned nuisance if the stands are full up?


A campaign cycle?

What do you think?

Council’s cycle champ weighs in

Council’s cycle champ weighs in

P1060165 Seems B&NES is caught between the ‘Devil and the deep blue sea’ when it comes to taking action over bikes being used to advertise businesses and blocking up stands in Bath provided for genuine cyclists.

It is something the Virtual Museum has been talking about for months now in its support of efforts to encourage more pedestrians and cyclists – and fewer cars –  in the heart of this World Heritage city.

Cllr Nigel Roberts.

Cllr Nigel Roberts.

While Planning and Enforcement discuss the matter,  the Council’s ‘cycle champion’  Cllr Nigel Roberts (Lib-Dem Odd Down) has told VMB  the situation was frustrating and needed to be clarified.

‘There is a serious shortage of spaces to safely lock up your bike, having the available spaces taken up by bikes that are left all day who’s only purpose is to get around planning rules needs to be stopped. Cycle stands are for cyclists not advertising’ – he said.

Bike shop-advertising

Bath’s pedal cyclists are still riding high on a Two-Tunnels-opening wave. It’s good to see facilities for those choosing to leave the car at home getting some positive publicity.

It is also good to see more cycle racks being installed around the city – including a rather modest one at the pavement end of the steps leading into the Guildhall on the High Street.


Advertising taking up space outside the Guildhall!

Rather sorry to see some local businesses taking advantage of the bike parking arrangements though. This nearby shop is taking up a space a genuine cyclist could have used.

There is another example  of this sort of bike-rack advertising along Union Street.

More advertising on a rack at one end of Union Street

More advertising on a rack at one end of Union Street

I appreciate trading times are hard at the moment but here is one enterprise using a bike that has its own stand

A free-standing enterprise in Abbey Churchyard.

A free-standing enterprise in Abbey Churchyard.

and is not denying other cyclists a secure spot.