Should we let the ‘ad men’ into Bath’s parks?

Being driven through Bristol recently l was only able to get a quick snap of a protest sign that has gone up in Haymarket ‘bearpit’ which is trying to gain public support against a proposal to allow advertising in city parks.

Part of the protest board on the Haymarket in Bristol.

Would we entertain a similar scheme in Bath to try and raise much-needed revenue for our cash-strapped local authority? There’s already talk of sponsored litter-bins. I wouldn’t mind that if it means they get emptied on a more regular basis.

sydney gardens
MInerva’s Temple – brought from the Empire Exhibition at the Crystal Palace and re-erected here in 1913-14.


Big posters inside the Sydney Gardens temple might stop endless graffiti appearing on its ‘labouring’ walls. While canal side advertising might attract attention from boat people and walkers and help pay for maintenance work?

canal sydney gardens gate
The Kennet and Avon through Sydney Gardens.

Certainly, the litter bins could be sponsored by pet food manufacturers as dog owners are one of the biggest users of city parks.

A bin outside Hedgemead Park.

I am being deliberately provocative to spark discussion. Over to you!?