A look at the new rail track fence

Keen to avoid the traffic-clogged and polluted London Road, the pathway through Sydney Gardens is part of my regular cycling route into town.

I am keeping an eye on the Network Rail work where today’s ‘health and safety’ consciousness means Brunel’s original low stone barrier – that defines the border between parkland and railtrack – is having to be heightened.

Al;l this original Great Western Railway construction – cutting through the former pleasure grounds in 1836-41 – is a heritage asset that has to be protected.

A fence will be erected above it supported by concrete foundations that have already been laid.

That won’t arrive until masons have finished repairing the stonework. I just hope the pieces they are inserting will be cut to shape.

The low barrier is also being cleaned as you can see.

My thanks to Gill Gazzard, who is secretary to the Friends of Sydney Gardens, for sending me a copy of the Network Rail plan of the proposed railings which are to be installed on top of the balustrades.

What do you think? Green or black?

PS. Wouldn’t it be nice if a lamp could be put back onto this ornamental arch framing the Sydney Place entrance to the park?

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  1. The railway fence in Sydney Gardens should be Green. Black only became the norm when Queen Victoria was in mourning for Albert.

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