Chasing a train

It has to be the first time l have ever described my website as ‘steamy’ but thanks to the amazing and regular images provided by ace photographer Rob Coles it’s certainly getting that way – and l don’t mind.

I am sure other steam rail enthusiasts feel the same too. Here are Rob’s latest efforts on a day he says that proved frustrating.

“Maybe it would be railway overload to include a photo of today’s train i.e. 61306 Mayflower from Shoeburyness / Southend to Bath – but there are some pretty ordinary photos attached.

I carefully planned a shot in Westmorland Yard where I thought the engine would be working hard having just left Bath Spa.

It trickled out of the station and was routed into the goods loop where it stopped, so quiet I didn’t hear it coming and at the crucial moment, a passer-by asked what I was waiting for, so l missed it!

Quickly deployed Plan B, Oldfield Park with people on the platform. I got to Oldfield Park just in time but no people on my side of the station.  The return at Bathford was a little better but very poor light.  

Not the best of days, a real whinging photographer day.  Even the driver looks as if he is having a bad day!”

Well, l reckon you did very well Rob and thanks on behalf of all your fellow steam-spotters.