Cry wolf!

I happened to be in the Holburne Museum to chat to Director Chris Stephens about the new David Hockney drawings exhibition – Love Life – and spotted these!

Romulus and Remus – constructed out of chicken wire, plaster, scrim, mdf, aluminum and paint by artist Emma Adams who proudly received her MA in Fine Art from Bath Spa University.

You have to look up to spot them and l won’t tell you where in the building they are as it will encourage you to go look for yourselves!

Emma says she was inspired by the museum’s small bronze statue of Romulus and Remus – the Capitoline Wolf. Raised by a she-wolf who found them abandoned in the river Tiber.

” Here l imagine the twins as their true wolf-selves – Romulus in pain and glory, and Remus in defeat, after they fight to decide the site of the city of Rome.”

Also, running alongside the Hockney ‘Love Life’ exhibition is ‘Marvellous Makers, Wondrous Worlds’ – an amazing display of raised embroidery from the 17th century.