Tackling knock-on effect of bridge closure

So now we know. After a slight ‘technicalities’ delay the programme to repair and strengthen Cleveland Bridge will start on May 4th with several weeks of erecting scaffolding. While this is being done we will have a one way traffic light system in place.

However, when construction work gets underway, the bridge will be closed completely to vehicular traffic. This is obviously going to put pressure on other busy routes in the area as people try to find another way around this lengthy blockage.

People in the immediate approach to the bridge from the London Road have already been advised by letter of the construction site the contractors will have to lay out for the bridge refurbishment.

However, it’s my understanding that Batheaston, Bathampton and Bathford Parish Councils are being notified about ways they will be affected by traffic looking for alternative routes.

Here’s an extract from that letter:

B&NES Highways department says it will monitor traffic behaviour and continue to liaise with the local parish councils throughout the works. However, if safety issues arrive that cannot be resolved and following discussions with Parish Chairs additional measures will be taken forward.

This would include a bus gate on London Road West to prevent vehicular access to the from the Toll Bridge from Batheaston Bypass and reduce through traffic on London Road West.

Bailbrook Lane would be closed at an appropriate point to prevent rat running.

If safety issues continue after that, further restrictive measures could be implanted, following discussions with the parishes.

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  1. Richard

    I don’t expect you to publish this tirade! I just had to blast off at someone!

    With many thanks for all you do to keep councillors and other people on their toes…

    What hope is there for Bath’s economic cultural and social recovery? The closure of Cleveland Bridge, Milsom Street and two thirds of the Podium car park in addition to the removal of much on street car parking is making Bath an obstacle course for any residents or would be visitors. All that together with the proliferation of red and white bollards and care-free scooter riders and cyclists make it pretty hazardous for pedestrians too. Where is the charm of our world heritage city? How tacky can it get?

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