Remembering the Bath Blitz

As our city streets slowly come back to life l bumped into Blue Badge guide Andrew Clark who told me that – along with his colleague Jim – he is arranging two days of special Bath Blitz walks to commemorate the 79th anniversary of what is known as the Baedeker Raids when the city was heavily bombed on two consecutive nights in April 1942.

The RAF had badly bombed historic Lubeck and it’s believed Hitler picked up a copy of the German Baedeker international travel guide and ordered retaliation against historic cities in the UK – including Bath, Exeter, Norwich, York and Canterbury.

In our city alone 432 people lost their lives, almost 1,000 were injured and hundreds made homeless.

Andrew told me : ‘We have scheduled 2 socially-distanced tours (2hrs) on 25 & 26 April for locals and visitors to hear about this terrible event.

Tickets are £15 pp, booking and details are here:

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