What makes America tick?

He wrote a book called ‘How the World Thinks : A Global History of Philosophy’ but British philosopher is focusing his attention on what makes one particular super-power tick in an online lecture being organised by the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.

As part of their digital lecture series, BRLSI are delighted to announce a lecture from one of the country’s most well-respected philosophy writers, Julian Baggini. American culture rests proudly upon the belief that “the ends justify the means”.

Whether in American economic policy or the “can do” neighbourly attitude, there is something common in this commitment to finding solutions regardless of the processes required. Julian Baggini connects this “folk pragmatism” to the philosophical tradition of pragmatism.

Julian Baggini © Amazon.co.uk

His upcoming online lecture with BRLSI on Tuesday March 2nd at 7:30pm asks whether the philosophy or the folk tradition came first, and exactly why it is so embedded into American culture.

Baggini will compare this approach with other western schools of thought including British empiricism and continental European postmodernism and deconstruction, as well as contrasting it with eastern philosophical traditions including East Asian Confucian and Buddhist thought. 

Julian Baggini is a British philosopher concerned with secularism, national identity, and pragmatism. Baggini has authored 22 books and is co-founder of The Philosopher’s Magazine, focusing on presenting philosophy in an accessible format.

This lecture follows on from his most recent book, “How the World Thinks: A Global History of Philosophy”, a survey of thought processes in folk and philosophy from across the globe. If you have ever wanted to ask a question of one of Britain’s preeminent philosophers, then join BRLSI for a fascinating lecture and a live Q&A to follow.

For booking information, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/live-virtual-pragmatism-culture-east-west-julian-baggini-tickets-133142816749.

As part of their ongoing live digital lecture series of philosophical talks, in recent months the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution have hosted key figures in philosophy such as A.C Grayling, Simon Blackburn and Raymond Tallis and have bravely launched their own philosopher onto the world with Andreas Wasmuht’s “Meaning of Existence” lecture series. They also host a regular philosophy café and encourage anybody to come and share their most profound thoughts and be part of the BRLSI philosophy community. http://www.BRLSI.org

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