Lansdown Advent Windows

News of a bit more light being shone into the city’s darkness.

Barry Gilbertson sent me an email – enclosing a photograph he’d taken of a notice which explains a lovely idea – organised by St Stephen’s Church – to put Advent into the windows of homes in Lansdown and Ensleigh.

St Stephen’s Church, Lansdown.

Starting from the first of this month, each night a new numbered window is being lit up in a local home – similar to opening an Advent Calendar – so by Christmas Day there will twenty five special windows.

They are being lit from 4 to 10 pm and are all visible from public paths so no need to trespass! The scheme will run through to January 3rd.

The church say it’s been helped in setting up this scheme by St Mary’s Church, St Stephen’s Schoo and the local community.

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