Christmas at St Mary’s

Bath Newseum regulars will know l am a big fan of the little church of St Mary the Virgin at Upper Swainswick.

Not only do l use the churchyard on a frequent basis for my morning vlogs but l have been following the work that has been going on to change things around a bit inside.

They started erecting this holy place back in the 12th century but – more recently in Bath’s history – it became the final resting place of John Wood senior and junior – the father and son who gave the city such architectural marvels as the Circus and Royal Crescent.

While, in our time, it started a church ‘pub’ – on the first Friday of every month – to help raise funds for the maintenance of the building.

Now – with just days to spare the builders have gone – and the race is on to get things ready for Christmas.

Exciting times for churchwarden Susanna Watson.

Thanks to organist Mary Edwards for a verse of Silent Night and to her husband Fred for the ledger stone close-ups!

Merry Christmas to everyone so busily employed there today.