Help Abbey plan a new-look team

Bath Abbey has launched a survey to discover what city residents think of its volunteering programme and how it could improve in the new environment that will be created when the Footprint Project comes to an end.

Mary Wickenden, their Volunteer Officer writes:

“Volunteering is at its best when it’s enjoyable, easy to get involved in, and feels like it truly makes a difference – and there’s always room for improvement. That’s why I’m asking people from all over Bath about their thoughts on our volunteering opportunities. 

We use the first couple of questions to see whether you are a current Abbey volunteer, a volunteer for another organisation, or someone who doesn’t volunteer at present.

Each group has tailored questions, and your answers will not only tell us how things are now,  they will also guide me as I develop a new volunteering strategy for the Abbey for the next five years. 

With the end of the Footprint project on the horizon we will be creating whole new teams of volunteers, so it’s the right moment to make sure we’re developing our offer together. 

Thank you for your time, and for your help with the future of volunteering at Bath Abbey.”

The link to the survey is here: