What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday – down at Riverside’s new Elizabeth Park – the not so pretty sight of dead trees in the middle of a grassy-green sward which was being mown.


Today – the withered branches are no more and there are signs of a partial opening. The trees will be replaced with living specimens.


Crest Nicholson’s new recreational creation has not had an easy birth.

Half of it settling in nicely but the other half was a little behind. Even now the grass seed is only just showing.


There is a hazel hedge also looking like it will have to be replaced, but l am hearing of a soft opening of part of the park – with the seeded area fenced off to allow it to continue growing.


In the middle of it all – now taken out of its crate – is a new bench specially created by local sculptor Patrick Haines.


With the Herschel Chairs – by the Victoria Bridge – already to his credit – he has now crafted the Jenyn’s Bench in honour of the Rev Leonard Jenyn’s – a 19th century naturalist and author – who lived in Bath towards the end of his life.


The two scrolls from the old Destructor Bridge have yet to be put in place. It’s my understanding there will be a celebrity-led official opening of Elizabeth Park early in July.


Meanwhile – on my wander back through to Green Park Station – a pat on the back for Bath BID workers Jenny and Cam busy clearing – what was a lovely seating area by the Avon – from overgrowth, bottle and general rubbish. It’s being done on behalf of Sainsburys.


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  1. Bob Draper: In case any of your readers didn’t know, Rev Leonard Jenyns was a buddy of Darwin up in Cambridge and they used to go on nature rambles together up there. When Jenyns moved to Bath he still had a bit of correspondence from Darwin which are now in the BRLSI collections . These letters have been transcribed by the ‘Darwin Correspondence Project’ based at Cambridge University and are available online:

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