Subtle – it isn’t!

If you haven’t visited Bath’s Holburne Museum for some time – the new coat of paint in the entrance corridor isn’t the only thing you’ll notice that has changed.

Bath’s Holburne Museum.

Director, Dr Chris Stephens has put his hopes for a change of emphasis into action. When he arrived two years ago he said he wanted to ensure the building contained something of art and creativity for everyone – and if you look around the galleries now you will see just how diversified an offering there is.

Subtle it isn’t!

The Holburne may now be charging an entry fee – it doesn’t get any outside financial help – but is quick to point out that 18 year olds and below get in for free – and there are other concessions.

One of Lauren Child’s colourful illustrations.

Is it all worth it? Well, go judge for yourselves, but stay long enough to take in every from a display and museum-wide intervention by children’s author Lauren Child MBE; artist Graham Fagen’s contemporary video interpretation of Robbie Burn’s The Slaves Lament; an amazing collection of contemporary crafts; the Holburne’s permanent collection and – opening this week-end – the most extensive UK exhibition of works by French artist Edouard Vuillard in 15 years – as Director, Chris Stephens explains.


Visit the Holburne’s website for more information about exhibitions and entrance fees.

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