All change in Walcot Street.

So it goes like this. Farpoint has closed in Walcot Street.


Its computer and sound system location just happened to be surrounded by a bigger business – Walcot House – which occupies the rest of the building.

According to their website : ‘Walcot House is Bath’s most Exclusive and Luxurious Club/Bar offering the Best Drinks, Live Music, DJ’s, and Food in town.”

Down a side alley is another part of that business.

It’s there you will find the entrance to an upstairs bistro-type cafe which yours truly has checked out – and was there recently for ‘Pizza and Piano.’


Seems this cafe is moving downstairs to take over the old Farpoint store and the current upstairs bit will be developing an evening-based restaurant trade.

So a new Walcot cafe at street level.


Can l just say guys – when you advertise ‘Piano and Pizza’ as being 6pm to 11pm – the pizza and service is great but the poster doesn’t tell you the piano bit doesn’t start until 8pm!


While we are in Walcot Street – if the Genesis Trust has decided to go elsewhere, what now is happening to this eyesore of an abandoned site??

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  1. Re the abandoned property next to the Bell, perhaps the assumption is that only the most intrepid of visitors get that far up Walcot St. and into the farcically-called Artisan’s Quarter, so it doesn’t matter too much if it’s left as a trashed blot on the landscape, saddening the hearts of mere locals.

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