Coach ban signs go up.

Signs banning coaches from the Circus are finally going up today. My thanks to Richard Brown who is Vice Chair of the Circus Area Residents Association for the images.

He tells Bath Newseum:

“So far Gay Street, Bennett Street and Church Street are done and Crescent Mews is in progress. Rivers Street and Gloucester Street yet to do.”


Bennett St sign May 17
Photo: Richard Brown

The experimental ban was introduced on May 2nd but the street signs have only just started to go up.

It’s been a long campaign to reach this point. The city’s red bus touring service is not affected. The experiment will be monitored by residents.

B&NES Traffic Management Team had previously told Bath Newseum: ” The Circus Area Resident’s Association has approached the Council on a number of occasions to highlight that unofficial buses and coaches are entering the area in order for their passengers to view and /or take photographs of the historic properties in The Circus.

These vehicles often do several circuits of The Circus or stop in the middle of the carriageway with their engines running.”