The Sound of Silence.

Sad to see another established business closing down.

Farpoint – Apple and Bose agents in Walcot Street – are going to shut up shop at the end of April.

Meanwhile, why are some city centre businesses continuing to flout the rules as far as rubbish collecting is concerned.


These bags should be in gull-proof containers.

Out here, in the sticks, the refuse guys won’t pick up your rubbish unless it is so packaged. Time for B&NES to get tough?


Two wheels can get you into town faster – and with a bit of exercise thrown in for good measure – but getting around the centre of Bath can be a painful experience.


I cycled around the Circus and through Brock Street and it was not something l would like to repeat too often.


The road surfaces are disgraceful – worn, cracked and pot holed – and this at the very heart of some of our most iconic urban architectural spaces.


Will the residents have to pass the hat around to get anything done? Times are hard financially but this is part of the Georgian fabric to which our tourists flock.


However, l must say, the surface is just as bad on the road beside my house – which sits as one end of a down-hill rat run for those trying to avoid the London Road.

Lunar craters make it a bumpy ride.


The Council could add a fair bit to its coffers by installing a couple of light-jumping cameras at the junction of the London Road and Gloucester Road.


I stand astride my bike waiting for the lights to change and watch those who don’t recognise the colour red speed across the junction where one day someone will be killed.

There would be so many flashes you’d have to wear sunglasses!

PS. My reaction to the poor road surfaces on the Circus and in Brock Street brought an instant response from Bernard Horn who is secretary of the Circus Area Residents Association.

“Re your comments regarding the surface of the Circus and Brock Street, please see the Bulletin we sent to our Members last week alerting them to imminent resurfacing work.”


Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 18.33.02
An extract from a recent CARA newsletter

Good news indeed – now it’s just my road to sort. Not quite such a huge job.