Pastor Kenny joins Parkside campaign.

Two neighbouring Bath establishments have joined forces in an effort to save the nearby Parkside Children’s Centre from demolition.

The Parkside Children’s centre.

B&NES wants to knock it down to make room for additional vehicles on the Charlotte Street car park that almost surrounds it.

The Council says this would compensate for the demolition of the Avon Street car park as part of the authority’s regeneration project of Bath Quays North.

Several national and local bodies have expressed their concerns and the need to save the building which was built as a British Restaurant during World War Two.

Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 13.24.39
L to R Roger Houghton, Manager of the Percy Community Centre & Pastor Kenny Nelson of  Bath Elim Church.

One new campaigner is Pastor Kenny Nelson of the Bath Elim Church – just across the road – who says it’s a valuable and much-needed community asset and wants it saved.

He also feels this is something that local independent social organisations could join forces to achieve and was pleased to share his hopes for the Centre’s future with Roger Houghton – manager of the nearby Percy Community Centre – and a supporter of the campaign to stop the demolition.

Bath Newseum brought them together for a chat and began by asking Pastor Kenny why he did not want to see the Children’s Centre disappear.


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