Face up to a Big Issue.

It’s not the largest exhibition the Museum of Bath @ Work has ever hosted but it’s one that deals with a big issue.


I make no excuse for making the pun because this is a visual and sound display about a group of people we’ve seen on the streets of this city for nearly 30 years.

An exhibition which allows us to share the day to day working lives of the Big Issue Vendors in Bath and one that tells us something of their personal journeys.


Since its launch in 1991 the magazine has become a familiar sight in Bath. This award-winning weekly magazine offers hope for homeless and vulnerably housed people across the UK.

I asked museum curator Stuart Burroughs to tell us more about what some might think an unusual subject for this colourful museum you will find in Julian Road.

The exhibition – as Stuart said – contains video interviews with some of the Big Issue sellers. It’s hoped to get them onto the museum’s website soon –  http://www.bath-at-work.org.uk

Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 17.41.47