This cover-up’s a good one.

A little email ‘tip-off’ from Sydney Gardens Community Ranger, Sue Palmer, sent me scuttling off to visit another public garden space in Bath.

Sue wrote: ‘Just thought to let you know (in case you haven’t seen it yet) that the Parade Gardens sub-station has been clad in images – so hopefully not quite as ugly anymore.


I know you had posted about it on your Newseum site a good while back, and that it was waiting for a makeover. Well – it’s had one!”


And indeed it had. Though it was late afternoon, and the gates were locked, so all these images have been taken from Grand Parade.


Apparently it would cost too much to move this electrical blot on the landscape so l have been hoping something would be done to cover it up – or at least lessen its impact on its floral surroundings.

I finally did get down to ground level. Does it work for you?




And who remembers the Queen’s visit? Some nice photographic memories wrapped around this immovable object.


This is a good start. Not so sure l am as pleased with another cover-up. We don’t like to see empty shops on our High Streets – and Bath has a fair splattering – but is putting pretty views of our heritage city in the window the best way of trying to mask our retail woes? What do you think?


PS. The giant crane jib that has been so much part of the Lansdown sky-line for around two years will be making a final bow soon.


It’s been used to help redevelop the Hope House six-acre site where Acorn – independent development and regeneration specialists – have installed fifty eight apartments and townhouses.

A spokesperson for the company told Bath Newseum that “we anticipate the crane coming down at the end of April.”


  1. That’s good news about the crane – it was supposed to go last July. Some daredevil young people managed to climb along the jib last autumn! The Hope House developers were supposed to keep residents informed with a monthly newsletter, but they have sent out hardly any, probably because they have been running behind schedule.

  2. I think a coat of paint on the sub-station roof wouldn’t go amiss.

    Neil G Garrett

  3. I think that the photos in Woods windows is so much more attractive than leaving the glass clear. So often the glass isn’t cleaned or gets broken wnd then the building looks really scruffy and unloved

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