Mr B plus

Good to see Mr B’s bookshop just got bigger.

Not only is this an independent retailer having faith in the future of Bath’s ‘High Street’ but it’s an enlarged opportunity for youngsters to go and get hooked on a book.

There will never be anything like the feel – and the look – of the printed word.


Had reason to visit the Bath Abbey Cemetery – a little way up Prior Park Road – and was both moved and charmed  by the memorial that has been added to a more recent burial.


With the greatest of respect to the family and friends of the late Marta Maclay Inskip, what a wonderful way too enable us to pause and enjoy the beauty of nature and be made aware of the need to value every day on this Earth.


While we’re talking about Bath Abbey l had to smile at how well this city parish church is keeping up with modern technology. There is a little contactless payment machine for you to add your donations to the upkeep of the church fabric and add further support to the Footprint Project.