Parkside battle continues.

There’s more to report on the growing battle to save the Parkside Children’s Centre from demolition.

Bath and North East Somerset want to clear it to make way for extra parking at the Charlotte Street car park to compensate for the demolition of the Avon Street park as part of the council’s regeneration project of Bath Quays North.

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Bath Newseum follower, Roger Houghton tells me:

“Some significant developments in the last week.

Historic England has decided to comment:

“…we feel that at present the information submitted with this application for complete demolition of the structure is not supported by an appropriately robust heritage assessment which examines the importance of this building and its associated communal value to the wider conservation area (Para. 189, NPPF). Any argument for its complete demolition should be justified against the need for the additional car parking that is proposed and again this argument is not clearly or convincingly made in the current application (Para. 194, NPPF)…”

And even B&NES Highways & Traffic has its doubts:

“In summary, there appears to be limited justification for the provision of additional parking spaces at the Charlotte Street car park and there appears to be opportunities to consider the reallocation of parts of the existing long stay car park to ensure efficient use of the spaces….”

Meanwhile an application – by Bath Heritage Watchdog – to list Parkside has been turned down.

And B&NES’s agent now argues (with no supporting evidence) that the provision of additional parking at Charlotte Street is necessary in order to deliver the Bath Quays North scheme.”


The Parkside Centre is a surviving purpose-built British Restaurant – built during the last war -and may be a rare survivor of such a building.