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The Bath-based charity, Read Around Bath, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and is looking for more people who want to help in its work of enabling socially-disadvantaged people to come together in groups through the love of reading – both reading aloud and listening.
Christine Curtis writes to tell me:
“We visit Julian House weekly with a pile of books donated by Mr Bs Bookshop and chat with clients about their interests and what they enjoy reading.
We have built up a homely shelf of books in the night shelter for anyone to borrow from and share. We also read weekly with clients in Genesis Trust, encouraging library membership and participation.
Volunteers also go regularly to several care homes and Guinness Trust accommodation to read with the elderly who certainly appreciate this service. Backed by Bath Library and with Bel Mooney as patron, we are proud to be in our 10th year and are looking forward positively.
We are now looking for some additional people to join our small, friendly trustee board, individuals with an interest in books, reading and community outreach. Meetings are a maximum of four a year and very informal.
If you would like to know more please contact us at