Help make a movie

I hear Bath film-maker Kae Bahar is looking for local talent to work in and on his latest feature film, ‘Dolphins in the Sky’.

An independent feature film inspired by real events, ‘Dolphins in the Sky’ is a life affirming drama about family, dance and love.  Set in and around Bath, it will be shot on location this summer. The film will be produced by respected production company Joka Films.

Kae Bahar (002)
Bath film-maker Kae Bahar

The story features the Robson family as they face the life changing diagnosis of cancer. They are a close family who enjoy spending time together, but they will be tested to the limits when the unthinkable happens.  

Written and directed by multiple award-winning director Kae Bahar, the production will be crewed by Bath creatives wherever possible, and will feature a wealth of local creative talent, from Bath choirs and musicians, to Bath-based dancers, actors and extras.  

The Producers are holding a launch event at Komedia Bath on the evening of Monday 11th March, at 6.30pm, open to anyone interested in finding out more. Free tickets are available from the website: 

Kae Bahar said: ‘I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and while recovering from the operation vowed to make a film about my experience to help raise awareness about the importance of early diagnosis. This script inspired me and I want to make the film in Bath, and where ever possible employ local people.



Already we have a large number of leading industry professionals involved, who are both sympathetic to the story and from Bath themselves.’

But what did he mean by ‘local talents’ l asked?

‘In answer to your question, local talents are artists to take part in the film, dancers, actors, musicians, choir, BG artists, etc., as well as Bath based crew to work behind the camera. We also have several organisations supporting the film project as well as a Bath Based Community Support group.’

‘Dolphins in the Sky’ is a film that celebrates the joy of life and love, of family and of the creativity and expressive power of dance.  It will be distributed for theatrical release in 2020 and will be linked to the Prostate Cancer UK charity.