Save our open-air veggie!

One of only two independent greengrocers still in business in Bath is threatened by plans to install a bank in part of the Mark and Spencer store facing New Orchard Street.

The open-air fruit and veg stall by M&S.

It’s a popular stall where you can buy your fruit and veg in the traditional way – as this is a covered stall and the produce is on open-air display. It’s a riot of colour on a dull day. Add to that the stall holders ‘shouting their wares’ and you’ve got a slice of living history – as well as fresh fruit and veg.

Looks like they may have to split their business in two. One part moving further along this side street – and unfortunately not just around the corner from where the crowds are anymore – and the other maybe being allowed to head up Union Street to outside the Min’s side wall – where the florist used to be.


flower market in union street
The open-air florist from a few years ago.


Make proper room for them B&NES – it’s a bit of street colour we don’t want to lose.

On the subject of fruit and veg. With a sudden awareness of plastic – and the environmental damage it is doing worldwide. Can l just have a go at supermarkets?


Here l am. Heading for the loose peppers and looking for a bag to put them in. The only container is PLASTIC. So – if you avoid plastic-wrapped peppers – you still have to put the loose ones in more of the stuff.


Bring back paper!!

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  1. Richard, thank you so much! In Morrisons I find the paper bags meant for mushrooms and put tomatoes etc. in them or take my own. One day I saw a coconut shrink wrapped! We have to stop the plastic problem NOW. It is too late but better late than never. In supermarkets on the Continent you just weigh your produce and produce a ticket. Please keep going with this. Also we need to give people ideas on how to manage without plastic, best wishes, Sue >

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