Get on with it!

What is it with repair jobs in Bath? Months ago one of the toll houses on the Cleveland Bridge was rudely bashed by ‘hit and run’ merchants.


Cleveland Bridge


It cannot be much fun living in somewhere covered in roof-supporting-scaffolding and canvas, but it has also been a nightmare for pedestrians trying to cross the busy road or try and walk alongside it.


There’s a temporary central island at this point.


The Council has put in some temporary pedestrian-friendly arrangement – a temporary central island – to lessen the danger but for how long will this state of affairs have to continue.


We know there’s insurance to sort out and English Heritage to consult but this should be ‘fast-tracked’ as a matter of urgency and is most certainly an ever-present blot on the landscape.


P1020487 2
A wall waiting to be repaired


We have a smaller example of plodding officialdom in our street. A portion of wall has collapsed – surrounding a field to one side of our terrace. How long can it take to look up the owner in the Land Registry and get repairs moving?

Our narrow little rat run of a street is dangerous enough without this added obstacle.

Meanwhile, while we’re talking about Cleveland Bridge, Tony Howell writes:

“It’s not only the buildings. The centre of the road here (see photo below) has a DEEP groove in it. In this picture, you can just see the beginning of it.
It runs longitudinally, it’s deep, and I frequently am almost thrown off my scooter. At night, for cyclists and m/cyclists it is a potential death trap.
One doesn’t wish to whinge, although one does, oft times, but there is no question that Bath is decaying before our eyes.
“Private Wealth, public squalor”.