What happened to Bath’s planned water fountains?

A new network of drinking fountains and bottle-refill points is set to be rolled out across London – according to a report in the Guardian newspaper – in an effort to reduce the amount of waste created by single-use plastic.

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Part of the Guardian article.

Reminded me of a similar scheme launched in Bath back in 2012 – though we only managed one fountain across the road from Bath City College – and that was taken away.

fountain in situ 9:11
Th one and only water fountain to be installed back in 2012. It was later removed.

The Bath scheme –  l seem to remember – was a community-led project called Love Tap Water. It was set up by three women who thought this ‘city of waters’ should have drinking fountains so that tourists and residents alike could refresh themselves – without having to buy a plastic bottle full of water.


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What was planned for Bath back in 2012. It never happened?


They were going to install ten ‘watering holes’ through Wessex Water – with the support of Sir James Dyson who was going to design a reusable stainless steel drinking bottle.

It never happened? Why?


  1. The moment is right-er now. Although the powerful water sellers will not go away easily. This is from the ex soft drinks buyer of a major supermarket chain!

  2. Hi, Richard. I asked Rhodri Samuel (who was in charge of the project) what became of it. I can’t remember the details but I remember he said there were two parties involved and I think one of them moved away from the area. Anyway, he’s CEO of Dartington Hall now and would probably be happy to give you more information: [ https://www.dartington.org/about/trustees-management ]( https://www.dartington.org/about/trustees-management ) Best wishes, Roger P.S. Have you seen this: [ http://www.oldfieldparkww1.co.uk/BathPoliceMemorial.html ]( http://www.oldfieldparkww1.co.uk/BathPoliceMemorial.html ) If the plaque’s still in a cupboard in Portishead perhaps 2018 would be an appropriate year to return it to its original home in Orange Grove.

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