New bi-mode train in service through Bath today.

Well l published this story weeks ago – but GWR would not confirm it. Maybe they thought little Bath Newseum would spoil their launch. Anyway l was right – the first of GWR’s new bi-mode trains will be going into service today – October 16th – and was due to pass through Bath Spa at 6.13 am. It will have ten coaches.

Another is expected to go through in the afternoon. Hope todays stormy weather doesn’t upset things. Perhaps someone will confirm they have seen one!

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 07.16.05
GWR’s new bi-mode train which will replace 40 year old HSTs.

Sad that the government has put the brakes on the electrification of the line from London to Bristol.

The overhead pylons at Reading – spotted on my trip back from London.

There are wires running on the pylons through to Reading and pylons spotted all the way to Swindon. Get on with it l say!

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  1. Who do we have to lobby to get the electrification extended to Bath & Bristol?
    I can appreciate there might be problems with the Severn Tunnel but I thought that the track had been lowered in the tunnel coming into Bath to accommodate overhead wires….

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